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Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

In your Clout settings for "Clients", select the Redtail icon to connect your Redtail account:



The Redtail login page will appear to enter your login information:


After you've entered your credentials and clicked "Sign In", you can begin using the integration.

Integration functionality:

Each Tag Group that you have in Redtail will be available as a contact list to import into Clout.  Select which of these tag groups you wish to import as contact lists.  For each list, you can specify if it is Prospects or Clients – this will allow you to manage Client contacts vs. Prospect contacts in Clout:



After importing these contact lists, you will see the contact lists appear in Clout.  For each contact, Clout pulls in their first and last name and their email address (if more than one email address is associated with a contact in Redtail, Clout will pull in the Work email address).




Clout will re-sync your Redtail contact data periodically.  To do a re-sync at any time, you can click the re-sync icon for Redtail, and you will again get the pop-up to select which contact lists to import.  Any new tag groups that you have created in Redtail will now be available to import.  Also, any changes to the contacts within each contact list will be updated – i.e., if you edit, add, or delete contacts from a list, when you re-import them the list will be updated with those updates.




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