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Setting up the integration:

Levitate’s Redtail integration is enabled at the Levitate account level by your account’s Success Manager. Once the Redtail Integration has been turned on for the account, users on your account will see a card on your Dashboard/Levitate home screen letting you know the Redtail integration is available to you. You then have the opportunity to connect your Redtail account to Levitate by logging in with your Redtail credentials:




Integration functionality:

Levitate will automatically pull contacts, key facts, and tags from Redtail. Data syncs nightly, keeping the data evergreen. Contact information includes first and last name, phone number, email address, preferred physical address, company name, and title, etc. Relationships within families are mapped so you can quickly see if a contact is a sibling, spouse, etc., so when reaching out, you have those facts at your disposal.

Additionally, notes entered on clients in Levitate will automatically be pushed into notes on their contact record in Redtail, reducing the need for redundant data entry. If you send an email to your customers or prospects through Levitate, a note will be made of that in Redtail as well.



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Pricing - the Redtail integration is available to any Financial or Insurance customer with a paid Levitate Business or Business Plus account.

Interested in learning more or seeing a customized demo? Reach Levitate via email at redtail@levitateapp.com or by calling 888-253-7050.

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