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Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

You can enable the integration via the Firm Admin screen in Holistiplan. Only users identified as Admins can access this screen:




Once enabled, the Redtail integration will be available for use by everyone at the firm. Each user wishing to use the Redtail integration must enter their Redtail credentials on the My Account/Password page in Holistiplan and click "Establish Redtail Connection":




Once the credentials have been accepted by Redtail, you will not have to enter that information again. A unique token, specific to each user, is stored in the Holistiplan database. The Redtail username and password are not stored in the Holistiplan database.


Integration functionality:

Once the integration is enabled, the Admin menu in Holistiplan will display a link to a Redtail Import page:




This page serves as a staging area for bringing contact information from Redtail over to Holistiplan. To bring clients over into the staging screen for eventual import into Holistiplan, select one of the contact types and then click "Fetch Contacts" to bring them over to this import wizard screen:


hol4.jpgYou can then select clients to save in the Holistiplan database. The choices of what to do may vary:
A - No contact with the same name found in the Holistiplan database - Choose between creating a new household record to house this contact, or select an existing household that the client should join.
B - Contact with the same last name found in the database - Choose between tying the Redtail contact to the existing contact in Holistiplan, or select the option to create a new contact.
C - Contact already in Holistiplan - In this case, the contact in Holistiplan has already been mapped to its counterpart record in Redtail. No decisions are required. Clicking Submit will sync the information in Holistiplan (name, birth date, state) to the information in Redtail.
D - Contact with family already in Holistiplan - If a Redtail contact is not in Holistiplan but their household is, that contact will get flagged differently. Choose whether to import the client into the existing household, or to create a new household in Holistiplan.

Once selections are made, click the "Load from Redtail" button:




Holistiplan households with a Redtail link established will display a small Redtail icon next to the name in the household listing. If already logged in to Redtail, click this icon to navigate to the Redtail contact
page for the head of household:




In the Tax Report in Holistiplan, send key figures and the selected observations to Redtail. This information will be stored as a Note on the contact page of the head of household. Click "Send to Redtail" to do so:




Note that a setting is required to send notes to Redtail. A Firm Admin must specify which Note Category the integration will use. Set this in the Redtail Import screen. Only users with admin privileges will see this option:



If you encounter any issues, please reach out to Holistplan support:

Holistiplan resources:




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