TIFIN Personality

Integration Name:

TIFIN Personality

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

Navigate to the Invite section within your TIFIN Personality account. You'll see a "Connect Your Database" option on this page. Click this and then choose Redtail CRM from the available partners on display:


You'll then see a popup where you can enter your Redtail credentials:


Then, click the LOGIN button.

Integration functionality:

By default, TIFIN Personality imports every Redtail contact record with a contact type of "Individual". Included in the import are contacts' first names, last names, and email addresses, from which new contact records are created in TIFIN Personality. You'll receive a notification from TIFIN Personality once the Redtail CRM contacts have been successfully imported.

Once your contacts have been imported into TIFIN Personality, you can follow the normal TIFIN Personality workflow to send an invite to take the financial personality test to these new contacts either individually or as a batch:


TIFIN Personality resources:



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