(CLASSIC REDTAIL IMAGING) Retriever For Imaging: Getting Started

A Quick Way To Get Started

Retriever for Imaging is a standalone desktop program that Redtail Imaging subscribers on PCs can use to upload, manage, and backup their Redtail Imaging library.

Getting Started: 

Don't forget to log in using your CRM login (or Imaging login, if you're an Imaging-only user) after installing it:

Make sure you understand how the libraries in Imaging work and how to view them in the Retriever tool:

Here's how to use Retriever for Imaging to take your file folders and documents from your computer into Imaging:

Let's do a quick review of how to link contact in the CRM to the file folders in Imaging.

Once set up, moving files one by one is very easy.

Here is how to create a backup of your Imaging library: 

For detailed text on utilizing other functionality, please refer to this document. 

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