Deborah Fox with AdvisorTouch: The Integrated Practice: Managing and Delivering a Robust Practice Management System with Maximum Efficiency [32:28]


Every highly successful advisory firm has achieved excellence by figuring out how they can best meet their client needs, and then thoughtfully designing a system to deliver the solutions. This webinar will focus on providing you with great ideas for using a Practice Management System to both delight your clients and help your team deliver your services much more efficiently. There is more than just operational efficiency to create an efficient practice management system.

We will discuss and demonstrate:
• How to use an extensive Practice Management document template system to drive practice management efficiency and dramatically increase the level of service you provide to your clients.
• The magic of using templates to deliver the appropriate level of services to each client tier.
• Examples of Practice Management document templates and their case uses.
• How you can leverage capabilities in Redtail and use a template library to track your practice management activities for clients and always provide proactive services.
• And more!



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