FAQs - Training From Home Summer Series 2020

Thank you for your questions!

During the Training From Home Summer Series 2020, we received over 2000 questions over 10 of our all-day live training sessions. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the most frequently asked questions and provide more detail to previously provided answers. Enjoy!


Is there anywhere to find a database example list for terms other firms typically use? Do you have more examples of Activity and Note templates that you could share?

Redtail Sample Templates

2020 Sample DB Lists.pdf


What is the difference between a keyword and a tag group?

What is a Tag Group?

What is a Keyword?

Tag Groups Vs Keywords VS UDFs [9:31] 


Can my Redtail Calendar be linked with my Google or Outlook Calendars?

 Calendar Syncing Series - Part 1 [40:53]

Calendar Syncing Series - Part 2 [42:55]


How can I integrate my clients accounts to update values nightly? Is there a running list of integrations with Redtail?

Portfolio Management and Custodians

Integration Partners


How does servicing advisor and writing advisor differ from the roles of advisor, associate advisor, and CSA? What does CSA stand for?



How do I add new Servicing Advisors to my database?


What is the purpose of the star next to the contact's name? If I star a contact under my login, will it be starred for others? 

Contact Favorites 


Should Adult Children be linked via Family or Membership?

Householding Recommendations


Where do Client Review Reminders appear in the database?

Know Your Client: Client Review 


What is the difference between primary and preferred contact info?

Contact Overview: Contact Card


Will notes for both contacts remain when combining contact records?

How do I combine records?




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