FP Alpha

Integration Name:

FP Alpha

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

To begin using this integration, log in to your FP Alpha account. Then, click the "Account" button in the top right corner:


Then, select "Settings":


On the resulting page, click "Integrations" under the Account settings menu, enter your Redtail credentials, and click "Connect Redtail":


Integration functionality:

When you click the “Connect Redtail” button,  all your Family Heads in Redtail that have a valid email address will be imported into FP Alpha. Data included in the import includes:

* Contact Age
* Contact Gender
* Contact Firstname
* Contact Lastname
* Contact Marital Status
* Contact Job Title
* Whether or not the Contact has Children
* Whether or not the Contact has Grandchildren
* Children Count (up to 5)
* Grandchildren Count (up to 5)
* Contact Date of Birth
* Spouse Gender
* Spouse First Name
* Spouse Date of Birth
* Spouse Net Worth
* Child First Name (up to 5 children)
* Child Date of Birth (up to 5 children)
* Grandchild First Name (up to 5 grandchildren)
* Grandchild Date of Birth (up to 5 grandchildren)
* Contact Net Worth
* Contact Address
* Contact Phone
* Contact Email Address

At the same time, all your clients in FP Alpha will be exported as contacts to Redtail with the following data:

* Contact Date of Birth
* Contact Gender
* Contact Email Address
* Contact First and Last Name

The time required for your initial sync of data will vary, based upon the number of contacts included in the sync.

Going forward, the sync process occurs once a day for every record syncing between the platforms.

Note: If you delete a contact from the FP Alpha client list, it will also be removed from Redtail, unless you disconnect your Redtail account.  If you delete a contact from Redtail, it will NOT be removed from your FP Alpha client list in the next sync process. The record in FP Alpha will stay unless you delete it manually.

FP Alpha resources:



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