Lightspeed Voice

Integration Name:

Lightspeed Voice

Integration Type:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Setting up the integration:

Once you are logged into Redtail, you will need to create a contact.

* Navigate to "Contacts" page in the left bar.
* Click "new contact" button in the top right section.
* Select the type of contact and fill out the form information.
* Make sure to include a phone number and email that you can call/email to/from Quantum.




Quantum Setup

After you have everything set up inside Redtail, you can get set up inside Quantum.

  • Create a new integration for Redtail and assign yourself to it.
  • To authenticate the integration, use the same credentials you used to log in to Redtail.
  • Also, make sure you have all the triggers enabled.




Chrome Extension Setup

The Chrome extension is required to shorten URLs and enable click to call in Redtail. It can be added by searching “Lightspeed Voice” in the Chrome store here.



Integration functionality:

Lightspeed Voice has integrated with Redtail in an effort to provide call pop ups, call detail records available right inside of Redtail for inbound calls, and outbound calls made through Redtail. Lightspeed has also provided two videos that explain a little more about this integration:

Lightspeed Voice resources:


If you are looking for more Voice Over IP options, click here! 

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