Lightspeed Voice

Integration Name:

Lightspeed Voice

Integration Type:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Setting up the integration:

Each component of this integration requires a different setup process. For the call pop ups capability, AgentSync needs to be installed. For the call detail records to be inserted, the PrismPBX CRM setup needs to be completed. To have the shortened URLs and click to call in Redtail, the Lightspeed Voice Chrome extension needs to be installed. You can direct any set-up questions to Lightspeed and they will be happy to assist with those. Let's look at each of these below:

AgentSync Installation

Users will need Lightspeed Voice’s AgentSync installed to receive call pop ups for inbound calls: the installer for that is available here

This can also be installed and configured by Lightspeed Voice’s Client Success Team.

Once installed, the extension/voicemail password will need to be entered, along with the URL from Redtail that you can copy from the browser bar when signed into Redtail. That will look something like this:

Once configured AgentSync should look similar to the image below:



PrismPBX CRM Setup

Users will need to visit the CRM page on their PrismPBX server to ensure that inbound/outbound call logging is enabled in Redtail. The address for this page will look something like this:

Before configuring the CRM portion, you will be asked to sign in using your extension and voicemail password. Once signed in, select “Redtail” in the drop-down menu. When you do, it will then prompt you for your Redtail credentials:



Chrome Extension Setup

The Chrome extension is required to shorten URLs and enable click to call in Redtail. It can be added by searching “Lightspeed Voice” in the Chrome store here.



Integration functionality:

Lightspeed Voice has integrated with Redtail in an effort to provide call pop ups, call detail records available right inside of Redtail for inbound calls, and outbound calls made through Redtail. Lightspeed has also provided two videos that explain a little more about this integration:

Lightspeed Voice resources:


If you are looking for more Voice Over IP options, click here! 

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