Importing your data from Junxure?

Method of data retrieval: Junxure imports require a remote session with one of our team members to initiate the process.

During this appointment, we will remote in to your computer with you to review how you are using your Junxure database, collect screenshot examples, and go over how your data will be mapped into Redtail; this mapping can also include custom fields you have been using.

At the end of the call, we will transfer a copy of your Junxure backup file to our servers using a secure link. If your Junxure is the desktop version, this backup file is created automatically every night, and we use the latest one available. If you are using Junxure Cloud, you will want to reach out to Junxure directly a couple days before your scheduled remote session to request a copy of your backup file.

When your import is complete, we will alert you with an email and request that you review the data in Redtail to make sure that everything imported correctly. If there are any issues, or if additional custom mapping is needed, we will continue to work with you until everything is in the correct place.

Once we have verified that all of your data has mapped over correctly, we can then get you scheduled for an "After the Import Call" to go over cleanup tools and organization methods.

How to prepare Junxure for import:

  • Please take some time to review how your data has been listed in Junxure, and make sure that all fields have been used for their intended purpose (e.g., Names in Name fields, Addresses in Address fields, Notes in Note fields, etc.)
  • Take a moment to make sure that all of your Past Actions/Appointments/Tasks/etc., have been marked as Completed, or that they have been rescheduled to a future date on your calendar.

Data that does not convert from Junxure:

  • Attached Documents/PDFs/Letters
  • Recurring and/or Automated Actions
  • Email History
  • Workflows

Common issues from Junxure imports:

  • Duplicated records: Spouse fields and Linked Contacts can create duplicates in Redtail when importing data. This typically happens when a name is listed in a name field more than once – either in the same record, or throughout multiple records in your database.
  • Calendar Times can be off. To avoid this, you should update your Time Zone preferences in Redtail before we start your import.
  • Coding in Notes: If you have used special characters/colors/fonts in your Notes section in Junxure this can create RTF coding in your Notes when we import your data. We try to remove as much of this as possible, but some may remain in your Notes permanently.

Estimated time frame for scheduling the remote: 1-2 weeks out
Estimated time frame for completing the import: 2-3 business days after your backup file is received

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