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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

Within your Pulse360 account, go to the Onboarding page. In the "Synchronize your data with a CRM" area, click the "Setup Your CRM" button. On the resulting popup, click "Redtail Connect". Then, go to the "Configure" tab and enter your Redtail credentials, and click "Install":


You'll then see the below on the Status tab, after syncing has completed:



Integration functionality:

Pulse360’s integration with Redtail will enable you to automatically import essential client details from Redtail into Pulse360. You will then have all the relevant information you need available ready at the click of a button - enabling you to quickly create your clients’ meeting documentation.

Client contact details and data relating to client appointments will be imported from Redtail. 

Once the data is synced Pulse360 users will then be able to access the data on both platforms. 

In terms of what data is synced between platforms:

  • Contact names, addresses, email address, and date of birth are synced bi-directionally between platforms.
  • Activities with a Type of Phone or Appointment are synced bi-directionally between platforms.
  • Appointment Notes in Pulse360 are synced over to Redtail to the Description field for the activity.

Additionally, you can access your Handwritten Notes from Pulse360 on your Today page in Redtail:




This area within Redtail will display one week's worth of your Handwritten Notes from Pulse360 at a time. If you click the "View in Pulse 360" link for a given note, that will take you directly to that note on the Pulse360 platform.


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