Integration Name:

Avantax Wealth Management

Integration Type:

Broker Dealer

Setting up the integration:

The integration is enabled automatically if your institution settings within Redtail indicate Avantax is your Broker Dealer. Learn more about managing your Redtail subscription, including your Broker Dealer, here.

Integration functionality:

Avantax's integration with Redtail provides users with SSO (Single Sign-on) and Send To capabilities from Redtail to Avantax. To access those options, click your Integrations menu in Redtail and then click Avantax:



Note: if you're within a contact record when selecting Avantax here, you'll see both options below. If you are not, you will only see the Single Sign On option:



If you click the Send To option while within a contact record in Redtail, the following contact data will be sent from Redtail to Avantax (note: the first column indicates the Avantax field and the second column is the data field in Redtail being sent over to populate that Avantax field):




Avantax resources: 



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