Lead Pilot

Integration Name:

Lead Pilot

Integration Type:

Marketing Tool

Setting up the integration:

To activate and set up, from within your Lead Pilot account, hover over your user icon and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu:


Then, click "Manage Integrations":


Next, click "Configure" beneath Redtail:


Click "Connect" and then enter in your login information:


Toggle "Add New Leads" on to have your landing page subscribe form send new contacts to Redtail in addition to Lead Pilot:


Toggle "Auto-import" on to have new Redtail contacts added to Lead Pilot daily:


Click "Import Now" to manually import new Redtail contacts into Lead Pilot:


Click "Back" to return to your Lead Pilot settings.

Integration functionality:

As mentioned in the setup instructions above, you can configure the integration so that leads from your Lead Pilot landing page subscription form are sent over to Redtail as contacts. You can also choose whether to have new Redtail contacts sent over to Lead Pilot once a day, or you can import Redtail contacts manually whenever you would like to.

Lead Pilot resources:


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