Chalice Wealth Partners

Integration Name:

Chalice Wealth Partners

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

The page for learning more about Redtail within your Chalice account has two Call to Action buttons:

The "Start 30 Day Free Trial" button is for Chalice users who are not currently Redtail subscribers that would like to subscribe to Redtail CRM with the Chalice discount applied. Clicking this button sends you to the Redtail registration page.

The "Connect Redtail Technology" button is for existing Redtail subscribers that would like to use the Chalice integration feature to pull in Redtail data. Clicking it sends you to the Chalice Snapshot page.


From the Chalice Snapshot page (which is also accessible via Chalice's navigation bar), you can connect your Redtail account:


Enter your Redtail credentials here and click "Sign In". This will connect your Redtail account to your Chalice platform.

Integration functionality:

After setup, key Calendar data will be pulled from Redtail into the Chalice platform:


Clicking on those activities within Chalice will allow users Single Sign-on into Redtail CRM, opening up Redtail in a new tab.

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