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Client reviews aren’t the only time that your office meets with clients. In fact, depending on your sales process, there can be many different types of appointments that are held with prospective clients or clients. Consistently inputting activity information directly results in reporting capabilities.


1. Determine the different types of meetings or events that your office has with leads, prospects, clients, families, etc. Add the different meetings as Types or Categories in the database. Use the “Calendar Style Guide” below as an example: 

Database Lists

Database Lists and the Contact Record Video


2. Create Activity Templates for the different meetings.

Manage Your Account: Activity Templates 

Sample Activity Templates

Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video


3. Report on the different meetings that have been or will be held by the office.

Activities by Contact Report

Redtail Essentials: Reports Video


4. Report on clients, prospects, or leads with no upcoming activities.


Systematizing the different types of appointments that your office has will decrease the number of items that are missed or forgotten when preparing. It also streamlines what everyone in the office can expect to prepare for a particular meeting setup.

Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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