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Employee departures are either incredibly frustrating or for the best. Either way, these are the steps you’ll need to take to remove your ex-employee’s access to the CRM and reassign their responsibilities.


1. To remove access from an ex-employee, change the password and email associated with the Redtail user account.

How do I change my Redtail CRM password?

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2. Reassign or delete activities in bulk from the Today page.

How do I reassign Activities from one database user to another? 

Redtail Essentials: Activities Video


3. Remove or replace that employee on any teams they were on.

Manage Your Account: Manage Database Users & Teams 

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4. Re-assign open workflow tasks to other users.

Workflow Task Report


5. Re-assign tasks in workflow templates to other users.

How do I set up Workflow Processes in Redtail?

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6. Once you feel comfortable that a full transition has taken place, fully disable the user.

How do I terminate an employee's access to my database?

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7. Update the Team Notices with any notifications or messages to the office regarding the employee’s departure.

Today — Team Notices 

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8. Use a Note Template to record the employee’s exit interview.

Manage Your Account: Note Templates

Sample Note Templates 

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9. Create a Workflow to ensure consistency in this process in the future. 


Workflow Video Series



Restricting access to a former employee is a safe guard for any potential issues they may create after their termination. Although it is rare, a disgruntled employee can retaliate on your office when allowed continuous access to your CRM. While it may be tempting to fully disable the user immediately, we recommend keeping the user active for a short period to ensure a smooth transition of activities and workflow tasks.

Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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