Sample Workflow Templates

Workflows are designed to be a detailed, orderly road map for you and your office to follow. Within Workflows you can create main STEPS and within those STEPS, you can create TASKS. Workflows are very similar to an old-school road map. Maybe you have a beginning and a destination, but you also have five or six stops marked out along the way.

Steps are intended to be the stops along your road map. These are what allow us to progress further and further along the process, moving from one to the next based on what happens. They are connected by OUTCOMES, allowing us to choose what direction we need to take, based on the result of the Step. Steps are intended to be high level, giving you a look at the overall stage you’re in.

Tasks are the details, or individual to-do items of our Step. Look at it this way: if we were on a road trip, and our Step was to stop at the Grand Canyon, our Tasks would then be to Take Pictures, Stop at the Gift Shop, and Walk the Rim. They are the specific duties of those in our office to carry out.

Outcomes are the direction your Workflow can and will take as you move through the process. Outcomes are not required, but they are heavily recommended to give you a structure and path and to allow you to add STEP NOTES to your Workflow.

 Below are some Sample Redtail Workflow Templates that you can use as a starting point for your own templates! 

Contact Management Workflows:  

When contacts are entered, a simple workflow can remind everyone in the office about the many pieces of information that need to be added like the one below. 


Depending on the contact status, you can link workflows specifically designed to remind your office to reach out to prospects. 



Once the contact becomes a client, an Onboarding workflow can guide your office through the client acquisition process. 


An activity for the onboarding meeting may also need a workflow with prep and follow up tasks that lead up to and are due after the actual meeting. 


Finally, once the contact has become a client and is due for their client review- a process like the one below can map out tasks before and after the meeting. 


Clients often need to move money or withdraw from their accounts. The sample workflow below is a good starting point to build your own withdrawal process. 


It is also not uncommon for existing clients to update their contact information: 


When the client relationship comes to an end, it usually happens one of two ways. First, the client can pass away: 


Second, the client may depart by their own choice or by the office's decision. 


User/ Employee/ Office Process Workflows

Instead of cluttering the calendar with many repeating activities that may be hard to manage; move important tasks to their own workflow process like the ones below: 







Seminar/ Opportunity Workflows

Workflow work well with many other features in the database such as activities and automations. They also can be linked to Seminars and Opportunities. 




Do you have sample templates that you want to share? Check out our Google Forum to interact and collaborate with other Redtail users! 

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