Sample Note Templates

Redtail has the ability to begin a note from a template. Doing so ensures that important topics are addressed in the note and encourages consistency across different users as they add notes.

You can create note templates under the Manage Your Account section. Be sure to give it a title and include the text you wish to pre-populate in the body section of the note. You can also categorize the note, notify a certain user or team, and indicate whether or not you’d like to follow up with activity.

Shown here are a few examples of how your office can use note templates:

1) How about when a client makes the terrible decision of not listening to you? Totally not realistic! But, just in case this happens, having a note template like this one can ensure that those notes are easily reportable. 


2) Beneficiaries are updated all the time! Use the below note template to record the change within Redtail. This will ensure that you have up-to-date information on who the current beneficiaries are, as well as record the change in a date, time, and user- stamped format that is un-editable and compliance approved! 


3) Money is moving all the time. Help your team standardize the information that is recorded when a client requests a withdrawal or other movement. 


4) Part of managing the client relationship means, well, having a relationship! Record personal touches or personal conversations for later reference:


5) Changes in client's financial situations are important to record. Maybe they inherited some assets, or liquidated others. These could also be about the clients' income changes. 


6) Not all notes have to do with clients. The CRM is a CONTACT management system, and this means all contacts including clients as well as potential clients- or "Prospects". 


7) Clients' lives are constantly changing. And it is important that everyone in the office be up to date on the most recent familial changes or lifestyle adjustments that clients have made. Use a note like the following to record new family members, job changes, records of new houses, pets, and other big life events! 


Do you have sample templates that you want to share? Check out our Google Forum to interact and collaborate with other Redtail users! 

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