Every growing business needs to be fostering new leads to thrive. By leveraging the tools within your Redtail CRM, you can make prospecting less strenuous and time consuming.


1. Define your sales process. Who is a Lead vs. Prospect? Use Statuses and Categories to define where a contact is within your sales cycle. Add the new Statuses and Categories to your database.

Database Lists

Database Lists and the Contact Record Video

Screen_Shot_2020-02-12_at_8.31.03_AM.png Prospecting_1.gif

2. Where do new business opportunities come from? (ex. CPA Referrals, Retirement Planning Seminar, LinkedIn). Add these to the database Source list.

Database Lists

Database Lists and the Contact Record Video


3. Whiteboard with your team how prospects and leads should be reached out to. Create a workflow in Redtail with an ideal prospecting process. Check out the included example for a good starting point.


Workflow Video Series


4. Determine changes in the database that should initiate prospecting workflows. Add automations that link workflows based on contacts or activities being added, or contact status changing.


Redtail Essentials: Automations Video


5. Open Opportunities based on prospects being qualified. Redtail recommends only opening an opportunity once there is an amount determined that the office will gain from the relationship. 

Opportunity Tracker 

Redtail Essentials: Opportunities Video


6. Report on opportunities and prospects.

Redtail Essentials: Reports Video

                           a. Opportunities by Stage Report

                             Opportunities by Stage Report

                             Redtail Essentials: Opportunities Video


                           b. Workflow Task Report

                             Workflow Task Report

                             Redtail Essentials: Workflows Video



Defined processes for prospecting gives your sales team guidelines and accountability when finding new clients for your business. Overestimate the amount of touches in your prospecting process. It is not unusual for five or more touches to be necessary before a client decides to sign on.

Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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