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Advisors are more than just financial advice; they are an all-inclusive financial experience to their clients. Part of that experience includes providing world-class events for your exclusive clientele. Redtail CRM tracks events from start to finish, keeping all information about leads, prospects, and clients in one central hub.


1. Create a Seminar with all the details of the event. (Date, Time, Description, etc.)

2. Create the attendee list for everyone that is going to be invited.

3. Create an event invitation Email Template.

Manage Your Account: Email Templates

Redtail Essentials: Broadcast Email Video


4. Send the invitation to all invited contacts.

How do I send Broadcast Emails from within Redtail?

Redtail Essentials: Broadcast Email Video


5. Update Seminar Attendees Statuses as the contacts respond with their RSVPs.

Can I add new Seminar Attendee Statuses to my database?

Redtail Essentials: Seminars Video


6. Add Guests to attendees.

Seminar Management 

Redtail Essentials: Seminars Video


7. Print a Sign-in Sheet or Check-in List to track attendance while at your event or post-event.

Contact Overview Menu: Seminars

Redtail Essentials: Seminars Video


8. Create a Keyword with the Seminar name.

Manage Your Account: Manage Database Lists

Database Lists and the Contact Record Video


9. Add the event Keyword to the contacts that attended.

Know Your Client: Keywords 

Redtail Essentials: Tour of the Contact Record


10. Send a post-event “Thank You” email to all contacts that attended, or an event

summary to those that did not attend.

Manage Your Account: Email Templates

Redtail Essentials: Broadcast Email Video

11. Create an Activity template for client events. 

Manage Your Account: Activity Templates 

Sample Activity Templates

Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video


12. Create a Workflow that breaks down the client event planning process step-by-step. 


Workflow Video Series


13. Add an Automation that starts a workflow when a "client event" activity is added. 


Redtail Essentials: Automations Video



Relationships! Events are perfect opportunities to deepen existing relationships while expanding your network with guests that accompany your attendees.

Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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