Sample Activity Templates

Redtail has the ability to begin an activity from a template. Doing so ensures that commonly completed activities have consistent subjects, types, categories, descriptions, importance, and priority. They also ensure that the activity is being assigned to the correct attendee(s).

You can create activity templates under the Manage Your Account section. Be sure to give it a title and include the fields you wish to pre-populate in your activities.

Here are a few examples on how your office can use Activity Templates.

Consistently tracking interactions with contacts is a great way to ensure that reports are yielding accurate results. Before a contact becomes a client, the below template can be used in recording prospect conversations: 


Client reviews are a requirement; use a template to ensure that everyone is adding these to the database in the same way: 


There are different reasons for clients to come into the office. Below are several more examples of activity templates that can be created in your database: 




Do you have sample templates that you want to share? Check out our Google Forum to interact and collaborate with other Redtail users! 

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