Integration Name:


Integration Type:


Setting up the integration:

To set up the integration, from the MyRepChat Dashboard go to Settings-->Integrations-->Connect to CRM.

Scroll down and click on the REDTAIL box:


A secondary section will then appear. Enter your Redtail login/password. 

Then, click the blue 'Connect' button.  If login to Redtail is successful, you will receive a token. The token field will not be editable, and it will be stored by MyRepChat for purposes of the integration, rather than your Redtail username/password:




Integration functionality:

Once you have set up the integration as indicated above, you will be able to search for contacts.

You will also be able to use the toggle below the token above to Activate Notes. MyRepChat will send all of your sent/received messages to Redtail in real time where they will be stored as notes for the contact.

Please note: In order for notes to be journaled you must have imported the contact from Redtail. The importing process is what creates the connection between MyRepChat and Redtail. 

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