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Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

From your home page in e-Relationship, click on Address Book > Add Contacts > Contact Grabber and Imports.

Then, under "Imports from Excel . . .", select Redtail CRM:


You’ll then be prompted to log into your Redtail account to authenticate. This one-time authentication process allows e-Relationship to sync your e-Relationship account with Redtail. e-Relationship doesn't store your Redtail username or password.  


Integration functionality:

Once connected, you can add your contacts. You’ll have the option to choose either All Contacts/Groups or Specific Groups. e-Relationship pulls contact marked as “individual” via Tag Groups from Redtail. This includes the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Primary Address
  • Date of birth


In addition, you can enable history notes for your Redtail contacts. This allows you to see on your Retail timeline when an email was sent from e-Relationship and when you receive a request for more information.

You can disable this at any time by visiting My Profile > Manage My Connected Import Accounts.

Once your contacts are synced, all new contacts added to Redtail will automatically be added to your contact grabber queue in e-Relationship.

You can then approve or exclude the new contacts from being added to your address book. In addition, e-Relationship will check nightly for any updates made in Redtail and update the contact in e-Relationship. You can always click the green Reconnect button in My Profile > Manage My Connected Import Accounts to refresh the connection and get real time information for your contacts on-demand.

*Remember, any changes to a contact’s information can only be made within your Redtail account.

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