Suggestion FAQs

What do the statuses on the suggestion forum mean? 

Received - Redtail's Product Owner has read the suggestion and there is some internal discussion needed in order to determine next steps. This suggestion is remaining open and can continue to gather votes and comments! 

Reviewed - The suggestion may be planned, but there is no timeline on this feature being added. This suggestion is remaining open and can continue to gather votes and comments! 

Planned - This feature is in development! Redtail Developers are currently working on this feature and it can be expected in an upcoming release. There is no exact timeline due to the feature having to pass internal QA before rolling out. This suggestion is remaining open and can continue to gather votes and comments! 

Not Planned - This suggestion is either not possible or not planned at the current time. Technology changes all the time though! The same suggestion can be added as new, or email us at to set up a training session on other Redtail features and products that can help accomplish the end goal. 

Research - More information is needed internally before a decision can be made. Nothing is needed from Redtail clients at this time. This suggestion is remaining open and can continue to gather votes and comments! 

Answered - This feature already exists or there is a feature that can accomplish the same end goal that exists. Contact us at or for assistance with the feature or solution. 

Completed - This feature has been added by the Redtail Development team! The recent feature updates and additions can be found here

How are suggestions selected?

Many factors come into play when a suggestion is being considered. The number of votes, amount of interaction on the forum, recent interaction, estimated demand by all Redtail clients, etc. The features aren’t implemented by our development team based on the number of votes alone.

While there isn’t a perfect formula for the features that are added, the more that a case can be made for a feature, the better. This helps us prioritize and make sure that development time is adding value to all or a majority of clients’ use of the products. 

How do I know Redtail Development has read the suggestion? 

 Once a suggestion has been read by a member of the Redtail Development team, the status for that suggestion will be set to Reviewed

How long does it take for new features to roll out? 

The Development Team determines the complexity and effort required of each change request, and our Product Team determines where the change fits into our Roadmap. Features may be rolled out in as little as a few days or as long as several years or more. To see all the recent updates to the CRM, click here

Why was the suggestion "Not Planned"? 

A suggestion can be declined for one or more of the following reasons: 

  • There was not enough information for action to be taken 
  • A significant amount of time passed on the suggestion without much interaction or demand
  • The feature is not something that Redtail has the ability to control or effect 
  • The feature is not in line with Redtail's values, culture, and business plan

Ultimately all suggestions are up to the discretion of Redtail and can be declined based on the reasons above or other factors. When a suggestion is declined, it can always be added as new or a training session can be set up with one of the Redtail Trainers to talk more in depth about the feature and other possible ways to use the Redtail products and accomplish the end goal. Trainers are available at


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