Fusion by Simplii

Integration Name:

Fusion by Simplii

Integration Type:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Setting up the integration:

Simplii will provide a full setup of their integration into Redtail. To get started go to www.simplii.net/integrations/redtail and fill out the necessary information to get a Demo of their product. They will help you step by step from there. You may also email sales@simplii.net or call 866-809-9088 at any time with questions.

Integration functionality:

Fusion by Simplii integrates directly into Redtail so all call logs, recordings, SMS logs, dispositions, and call notes are automatically logged inside of Redtail's contact records. They are a little unique when it comes to the standard VoIP integration because they also offer SMS to email to help you remain compliant.  

Below is a list of the Redtail integration features Fusion by Simplii has to offer:  

  • Click to Call
  • Call Pop's
  • Contact Pop's
  • One-Touch Contact Addition
  • Business SMS Messaging (Text Messaging)
  • Business MMS Messaging (Picture Messaging) 
  • Text to Email
  • Call Notes and Dispositions 
  • Activity Logging
  • Power Dialing 

For any questions, you may email sales@simplii.net, call 866-809-9088, or schedule a demo here.

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