Unlinking / Relinking Accounts

If one of your client accounts that feeds in from a Portfolio Management or Custodian integration is linked to an incorrect client within Redtail, there's a quick way to correct this.

First, go to the Accounts page for the client to whom the account is currently linked:


In this case, Account #19031711 should actually be linked to Matt Adams, so we're going to address that. To do so, we'll click the account's Actions menu and select "Edit Account":


We'd then see the below:


If we click inside this box displaying the account number, we'll see the option to select "none" which, if we do and then click "update account", will unlink the account from the client record. Note: it will still display in the record, but will no longer bear the "Linked Account" flag and will no longer be updated via the integration feed (which means you'll probably want to delete it from the record).

If we then go to our Unlinked Accounts page, we'll see the account listed there:


Ordinarily we use the "run autolink" button on this page to link accounts, but in this instance that will just link the account back to the same client (assuming their SSN/TIN has remained the same since the original linkage, since that is what linking is based upon by default). So, how do we link this to the client it belongs to?

Click the Actions button at the beginning of the account's row and select "Link to Contact":


We'd then see the below:


We would then type part of the correct client's name within the Contact box until we see the correct client from the records displayed. Select that name and then click "link account to contact". The account would then be linked to the correct client and, going forward, the integration feed would update the account within that record.


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