AI Labs

Integration Name:

AI Labs

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

To begin using the AI Labs integration you will need to retrieve the token generated in your Redtail account. To obtain the token in Redtail, go to Manage Your Integrations:


On the resulting page, locate the AI Labs block and select "Settings" from its Actions menu:


The below screen will appear with your token information:


For security reasons, we partially blurred the token generated within this Redtail account. However, as the instructions stated above, you'll copy the generated token within your database and paste it in the AI Labs screen requesting a token. This should enable the integration. 

Integration functionality:

The integration will allow you to link contacts between the two systems and pull contact data and notes from Redtail CRM into AI Labs. 

For your reference, below are two screenshots from the AI Labs platform. The first shows where you can link a contact to Redtail and the second shows how Redtail Notes will display within their system.





AI Lab resources:



If you are looking for other Advisor Tools, click here!



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