Manage Your Account: Manage Downloads

To access this area, click Manage Your Downloads:


Note: this area is accessible to both admin and non-admin users of your database, but admins can see all downloads while non-admins can only see those that they have requested:


To download a file from this area to your local computer, simply click its file name and the process will begin.

To delete a file or files here after you're done with them, place a check next to those you want to delete, click the "download options" button and select "Delete":


The "filter" button above your Downloads will allow you to filter by database user, Start Date and/or End Date. Note: non-admin users will only see filter options for Start and End Date here, as they don't have rights to view other users' Downloads:


The "upload file" button provides you with a screen where you can click "add files", browse your machine for those files you want to upload and then proceed to upload them into the Downloads area of your CRM:


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