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Client Reviews are one of the few constants amongst financial professionals, and Redtail can help you execute them efficiently and consistently. Use the following playlist on tools and concepts to guide you to a better understanding of how to tackle them in your office! Note that this is just one common way to manage client reviews within Redtail- many offices adapt the process to their own preferences by using a different variation of features.


1. Set up Client Review Reminders. Reminders are “pre-activity” items. Check out this article for more information on adding review reminder:

  Client Review

Contact Overview: Know Your Client 

Redtail Essentials: Tour of the Contact Record Video

2. Add Activity Types and Categories. With so many notes, activities and other items in the database, labels like Activity Types and Categories can help segment items.

Both Activity Types and Categories can be added to the database (by Admins only) through the Database Lists:

            Database Lists

            Admin vs. Non-Admin Database Users

 3. Build a Workflow. A Workflow can help guide your office through all the preparation and follow up tasks that need to get done surrounding a client review.

            Workflow Video Series


Here is an example of a basic Client Review Workflow:


4. Create an Automation. An automation is Redtail’s magic trick! Here is more information on setting up an automation and an example:


Screen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_10.01.29_AM.png5. Monthly around the 15th of the month, run a search for the following month’s reviews:


            Advanced Search

A search in the month of May would look like this:



 BONUS: You can also create a repeating activity to remind you to run the Quicklist on the 15th of each month. A link to the Quicklist can even be inserted in the description of the activity.

            How do I create saved searches (QuickLists) for repeated use in Redtail?

            Redtail Essentials: Advanced Search Video


6. Use the Bulk Actions to add an Activity to all the resulting contacts. Give the Activity a subject of "Reach out, Call, or Email…” to schedule Client Review. Use the activity type "Task" instead of the type that will trigger the automation. 

Bulk Actions

Redtail Essentials: Advanced Search Video

*Note that this will add an activity for EACH contact in the resulting list. Use the activities as action items to reach out and schedule the review. The review would then be added as a NEW activity. 


7. Add an activity template with the type and category that trigger the automation. Then, as the client meetings are scheduled, use the activity template. 

Manage Your Account: Activity Templates 

Sample Activity Templates

Redtail Essentials: Manage Your Account Video



Download a PDF version of these instructions below! 

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