Real Wealth Marketing

Integration Name:

Real Wealth Marketing

Integration Type:

Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

Within your Real Wealth account, click "Contacts" from your navigation menu on the left. Then, click the Actions menu button and select "Integrate Redtail":


You'll then be prompted to enter your Redtail credentials:


After doing so and clicking "Login", your integration will be established. 

Integration functionality:

Once you are set up, you can then begin importing your Redtail contacts into your Real Wealth Marketing account based upon your Redtail contact's Status, Category, Servicing Advisor, and/or Writing Advisor. To do so, go back to your Actions menu in Real Wealth and select "Integrate Redtail". You'll see the below:


Then, click inside any of the field's boxes and select the value(s) you'd like to be included in your import to Real Wealth. After making your selection(s), click "Save" and the import process will begin.

After your contacts are in your Real Wealth account, you can then include them in your marketing efforts run from that application.

Real Wealth Marketing resources:



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