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Speak Preferences

You have a few preferences for your Speak account that you can set from the Speak Preferences area of your CRM. To access, click your name in the top right corner of your CRM and select Speak Preferences:


On your Speak Preferences page, you'll see the below:


  • choose number - this is where an admin user of your database can select the outgoing Phone Number (for the entire database) that will display for your clients when a message is sent to their mobile device from Speak. If you click that button, you'll see the below:


    Enter your Area Code and then click "next." You'll see a screen similar to the below, but reflecting your chosen Area Code:


    These are numbers that are available for you to use as an outgoing number, based upon the Area Code you provided. Just select the one you want associated with your account, click next and you're done.

    Returning to your other available Speak Preferences:

  • Receive Text Messages in Client Rooms When Offline - select "Yes" if you'd like a text message notifying you of a new Client Message in one of your Client Rooms (when you're not logged into Speak). Note: these will not be the actual client message, but rather a notification of message arrival so that you can log in to view and respond to the message.
  • Phone Number - enter the Mobile Phone Number you want associated with your Speak account, i.e. the phone number you want to receive text notifications on concerning incoming Speak Client messages when you're offline.
  • Invite Message - this is the message you want texted to a Client when you're trying to establish a Client Room for them. Note: you must include the second sentence of the default message (shown above in the "Invite Message Preview" box). Note as well that this Invite Message is database-wide, i.e., the message cannot be individualized for each database user. If you begin typing your desired message in the "Invite Message" box, you'll see that the the second sentence remains in place as you're crafting your new message.
  • Invite Message Preview - no need to add anything here. By default it reflects what you type in the "Invite Message" box (plus the default required second sentence).
  • Receive Browser Notifications For New Messages - this determines whether or not you receive browser notification popups for new messages within Speak. Note: you can control this setting within individual rooms, rather than setting it for all rooms here. These notifications will look something like the below:
  • Minutes Until Marked as Inactive - this determines the number of minutes of inactivity in Speak before your status will change from "Active" to "Away".
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