(Old) Public Rooms and Team Rooms in Speak

Public Rooms

Public Rooms are rooms in Speak that all of your CRM database users can view and have access to:


In this particular database, you can see that there are currently five Public Rooms (that this database user has joined): Admin, Client Service, General, Legal Stuff and Accounting. You should also note that there are currently two new messages in the Client Service Room you haven't yet seen.

If you click on a Room Name, you'll be taken into that Public Room. In the example below, I've clicked on the "Client Service" Public Room:


You can see that Speak allows you to upload files (including images, which display inline) into your rooms as well as allowing the use of emojis. If you'll look to either side of the box directly above where you enter your actual message, you'll see the icons for attaching a file or selecting an emoji.

Let's leave the General Room now and go back to the top level of Speak (you can accomplish that by clicking the left pointing arrow directly beneath the Speak icon):


After clicking that arrow, you'll see your main Speak pane. Let's look back at the Public Rooms area:


Note the two icons to the right of the Public header. 

Clicking the search icon displays a popup search box, where you can search for Public Rooms by name:


Granted, this search option for Public Rooms that you are not currently a part of only begins to have value as the number of Public Rooms your office has created begins to expand. In the instance above, there are only two Public Rooms in this database which you have not currently joined - clicking either of their names here would allow you to join your chosen Public Room. But, if there were many Public Rooms in your database, you could begin typing in this search box until you saw the one you were interested in joining and then click it from there to join.

Going back to the icons at the top of your Public Rooms pane, if you click the "+" icon, you'll see the below:


This allows you to add a new Public Room to Speak. Just type in the name you want to provide it and then hit Enter on your keyboard. If you wanted to create a room called "Client Experience Suggestions" and followed those steps, the Public Rooms area would now appear as below:



Team Rooms

Under your Public Rooms, there are Team Rooms:


Team Rooms are in essence private rooms where any database user can talk with any other database user. Just click your desired Team member's name and you'll see a room where you can type your direct message to them:


If you've had previous conversations with them, those will be displayed here, just as in other applications with which you're probably familiar.

If we go back to the main Speak pane and look at Team Rooms, you can also see that users who are online will display the word "Active" in green beneath their name as well as a green icon to their right:



As in the Public Rooms, notifications will appear next to Team Room Names if there are unread messages:


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