Retriever Cloud for Microsoft Exchange users

There are three basic setups for Office 365 accounts:

  1. Web-based Office 365
  2. On-premise Microsoft Exchange
  3. Hosted Microsoft Exchange (Exchange Online or a hybrid deployment)

If your setup is #1, this article will not apply to you and you can see this post for setup and usage of Retriever Cloud for Office 365.

If your setup is #2, Retriever Cloud will not sync in those situations. You can, however, quickly and easily sign up for a free or account at that will sync with Retriever Cloud. This account only needs to be used for the Contact/Calendar sync and the email functionality may be completely disregarded.

If your setup is #3, Retriever Cloud can be used to sync in this situation. If you have a hybrid deployment though, there are some  settings that your IT person will need to make sure are in place in order for this to work for your office.

  • Mailbox requirements
    -- All on-premises mailboxes that will use the REST APIs must be located on databases located on Exchange 2016 CU3 servers.
  • Infrastructure requirements 
    -- All Exchange 2016 servers must be upgraded to CU3 or later.
    -- On-premises Active Directory must synchronize with Azure Active Directory.
    -- Any Exchange 2013 servers co-existing in the same load-balanced array with Exchange 2016 servers must be removed from the array.
  • Networking requirements
    -- From a DNS perspective, the Autodiscover namespace and on-premises client namespace must have Internet DNS records.
    -- If you have a firewall or application gateway that inspects and restricts access, update the appropriate settings to allow discovery and access.
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