Timeline Events

By default, your Today page is the first page you see when logging into Redtail. Today allows you to see, at a glance, a by-the-numbers area that includes Recent Timeline updates (this links to the main Timeline, which shows the past 30 days' updates):



Here we'll take a look at the actual Timeline. If you click that Timeline updates area above, you'll see the Timeline Events area for your database:


The Timeline Events page displays a list of actions taken within the database, including updates to data, Notes added, Activities, Workflows, etc. Note: the color coding to the left of Timeline Events indicates whether the action represents a deletion (red), addition (green) or an update (blue). Note as well that those events that display hyperlinks allow you to see Timeline Details for those specific events. While the default setting is to view All types of events, you do have a Filters button in the top right corner of the timeline that will allow you to filter by a specific type of action or view All actions:


If you scroll to the bottom of the Timeline Events, more timeline entries will continue to load. 

Also, next to the "filter" option, you have a "Search timeline" box, which will allow you to search for specific words or phrases in your database's Timeline.

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