Can I Import Contacts From LaserApp Into The CRM?

Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing your Contact/Client Information from LaserApp into Redtail!

>>>> Please use the following directions to export your data into a .csv file:

(All LaserApp versions are generally the same. The location of the Export button can change a little but will always be under Utilities & Options.)

1. Open LaserApp.

2. Click Utilities & Options >> Export Contact Data

3. Select Create New Export and click Next.

4. Select Client and click Next.

5. Select Export All Clients and click Next.

6. Select All Fields and click Finish.

7. Click the Desktop Icon and type “LaserApp” in the File name field.


8. Click “Save”

You are done. You should now have a .csv export of your LaserApp data on your desktop that you can send to Redtail.

If you have Beneficiaries that you would like to have Imported, repeat this process but choose “Beneficiary” in Step 4 and name the file “Laserapp_Bene.” 

Please DO NOT change any of the column headers as this could cause issues/delays in the import process. 

Once your export is ready, please attach it in an email to:

>>> In the body of the email, please be sure to include your Redtail Username and the first two contacts listed on the spreadsheet for verification.


After the LaserApp contacts are imported into Redtail, you can set up the LaserApp integration with the instructions provided in the links below:

LaserApp Software

LaserApp Anywhere

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