Using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Broadcast Emails

If Redtail hosts your email, and you utilize Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you can still use the Broadcast Email process. You can learn how to use the Broadcast Email functionality here. The one item that you will need to handle differently than what is outlined in those instructions in order to add 2FA for Broadcast Emails is the SMTP Password field within the Email Preferences area of your CRM. Instructions for generating the application password you will use for that SMTP Password field are below: 

How to create an application passcode

Within Redtail Webmail, navigate to Preferences > Accounts. Within the Account Security settings, click Setup two-step authentication and follow onscreen prompts. You will be prompted to enter an application name / label at one point. Within the Add Application Code dialog, enter a label to identify the client/device in the Application Name field and click Next. An application passcode will be generated and be displayed in the next dialog. Select Close when done.

After generation, you will go to the Email Preferences section in your CRM and replace your mailbox password with the newly generated passcode.




After the application passcode has been created, you will see it listed under applications.



If you ever get rid of the device for which you created a passcode for, you can simply revoke the passcode at any time. To revoke, click on the application you wish to revoke and click the Revoke Code button.



Below is the field we're referring to in your CRM where you'll enter this application code:


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