Practice Management Webinar: FA Client Machine [54:40]


The world is changing so fast. 

And the old ways financial advisors used to use to grow their book of business just aren’t working like they used to. 

Because we all know digital marketing is where everything is headed, advisors have been looking for a resource to help them get up to speed quickly and easily with new strategies and tools. 

Advisors are looking for strategies that they can implement in a turnkey way that won’t take them away from what they really need to be doing: helping clients live their dreams through exceptional financial planning services. 

Joining us for the webinar will be Jill Addison, author of "Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success." She's here to present ideas that she’s used to 
generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business through video marketing strategies. You’ll hear Case Studies about how these video marketing strategies have worked for financial advisors like you. 

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