Redtail Essentials: Email [23:00]


Email is one of the fastest ways to send information out to clients. It could even be the medium of communication preferred, depending on the generation targeted. Redtail can be used as the medium to send out email messages to clients and guess what? You’ll still be in compliance by using your servers to send messages out! You can even customize the message, save the email as a note, or create templates! Learn something new about Redtail’s email capability in this training session.

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

01:09 - Email Preferences

07:44 - Composing Email within Redtail

11:50 - How to Compose a Broadcast Email

15:41 - Email Templates

18:23 - Manage Broadcast Email

20:15 - Email History


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