Redtail Essentials: Family & Memberships [39:27]


The R in CRM stands for Relationships! You can house relationships two different ways in Redtail; they’re either going to be considered a Family or Membership relationship. Learn the differences between the two as well as the customization available and best practices.

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

01:34 - Basic Information

01:42 - Family Name Field

02:10 - Defining Family Relationships

11:32 - Advanced Search

14:03 - Create Labels

16:37 - Change Head of Household

19:07 - Contact Card

20:39 - Show Family Accounts

21:52 - Show Family Notes

25:36 - Memberships

30:23 - Membership Options

37:17 - Common Tasks


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