Redtail Essentials: Documents [10:49]


Did you know you could attach documents to Redtail? Every Contact record has a tab called Documents offering free document storage to archive and store non-compliant documents. In addition, you can attach a document to an activity!

Find out how these features work, as well as why it’s not a compliant solution for the office to go paperless.

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

00:50 - CRM Document Storage

02:16 - Uploading to CRM Document Storage

04:13 - Link Document to Account

05:06 - Link Document to Activity

06:32 - Link Document to Opportunity

07:32 - Link Document to Seminar

08:49 - Document Reports

09:04 - Documents by Contact Report

10:18 - Documents by Activity Report


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