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Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

You can establish the integration within your Oranj account by selecting "Admin" from your navigation menu on the left, then clicking "Integrations":


On the resulting page you can follow onscreen prompts to get this set up.

Integration functionality:

Once you've enabled the integration between Oranj and Redtail, you can begin importing your Redtail contacts into your Oranj account. To do so, from within your Oranj account, select "Contacts" from your navigation menu and then click "Import Contacts":


Click "Update Import Setting" under Redtail:


You'll then see a list of your Tag Groups w/i Redtail:


Note: if you click the Back button here, you'll have an option to import all of your Redtail contacts, rather than importing by Tag Group. Otherwise, you can select one or multiple Tag Groups to import and then click "Next":


Next, you'll be prompted to map any of your Redtail Contact Statuses that don't have corresponding Statuses within Oranj. You can simply click on the arrow next to each "Do not import" to choose how those Statuses should be mapped. Then, click "Import." You'll be notified via email when the import is complete and can then work with those newly imported contacts in your Oranj account.


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