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Account Feed - Portfolio Management & Contact Updates
Digital Account Opening is also a component of the SEI - Redtail integration. More information on setup and functionality for that is available here.

Setting up the integration:

SEI requires a specific authorization form to activate the Redtail integration with SEI. Please contact to obtain the applicable form.

Integration functionality:

  • Account data is pushed from SEI to Redtail based off of the Tax ID Number. Note: you can contact SEI and opt out of the account feed portion of the integration while still using the other components of this integration, which is something you might want to do if you have an account feed from another aggregator.

  • SEI Addresses are available in Redtail CRM
    SEI and Redtail have reestablished SEI addresses in Redtail. You will now see all SEI client addresses in a Redtail Contact Card. Note: if you update an address in SEI, those address updates will not be pushed over to an existing address in Redtail. You would need to add a new address in SEI that reflects those updates in order for it to be sent to Redtail.

  • SEI-Updated Contacts and Account Clarity:
    Determining if a contact record in Redtail has received updates from their record in SEI can be done with a glance. Redtail has included the SEI logo directly to the right of a contact name within a contact record to indicate this has occurred:

    By clicking this logo, you will be brought to a screen where you can:
    • View address information
    • Confirm two unmatched addresses
    • View your SEI-updated phone number(s) 
    • View SEI accounts


  • Address Updates:
    SEI has the ability for an address at SEI to be delivered to a Contact Card in Redtail. When an address is delivered to your Redtail database from SEI, there is the chance that the address from SEI will not automatically overwrite a previously created Redtail address. This could sometimes create two very similar addresses which a user would need to maintain. SEI has updated the functionality for this process so that, when an address from SEI to Redtail does not replace the Redtail address, you will easily be able to choose which address(es) you want to keep, be it the SEI address, the Redtail address or both. Below are the steps and functions to merge two addresses:
    › In a contact record in Redtail, select the SEI logo to the right of the contact’s name.
    › This will bring you to the SEI page for the contact.
    › Once on this page, select the dropdown menu to the left of the address and select “Merge Address”:


    › A box with both the SEI-delivered and the Redtail-generated address will populate:

    › Choose which address you want to keep 
    — If you choose to merge the Redtail-generated address into the SEI address (overwriting the SEI address), you will have the choice to update the address at SEI. Complete this by selecting the “Override the address in SEI” radio button. NOTE: Updating the address and having the update flow to SEI will generate a letter to the client stating that their address has changed:
    — You can choose not to update an address at SEI, so that a letter to a client is not generated, by deselecting the check box “Notify SEI for this update?” This would be in situations when there are non-material changes made to an address, e.g., updating “St. Paul” to “Saint Paul” in the city portion of an address.

    — If you choose to merge the SEI address into the Redtail address (overwriting the Redtail address), the Redtail-generated address will be removed and will not repopulate in Redtail unless a subsequent update to the address is made. Complete this by selecting the “Use SEI address” radio button.

  • Address Reporting
    Redtail has introduced reporting on the addresses SEI delivers. These reports can be accessed via Redtail's Integrations menu (select SEI from that modal). All reports are at the database level even if accessed while on a Contact page. You can see the names of these three reports highlighted below:

    Matched SEI Addresses – This report contains a list of contacts and addresses that have been updated between Redtail and SEI in the past 30 days; that is, addresses that are a one-to-one match between a SEI client and a Redtail contact. An address will populate on this report if:
    — The address has been delivered through the SEI integration.
    — The address has been delivered through the merging process on the Contact's SEI page.

    By selecting a contact on the Matched SEI Addresses Report, you will be brought to the Contact's SEI page.

    On this report, in the dropdown menu to the left of the contact name, you will have the ability to merge an address just like you would from the SEI Merge Address screen in Redtail.

    Addresses Added by SEI – This report contains a list of contacts updated between SEI and Redtail in which the addresses did not match, or where there wasn't a corresponding address previously within Redtail. An address will populate on this report if:
    — The address doesn’t automatically match through the Redtail integration.
    — The address is a brand new address in a Redtail Contact Card that was delivered from SEI.

    By selecting a contact on this report, you will be taken to the Contact's SEI page. 

    Deleted SEI Addresses Report - This report contains a list of SEI addresses that have been deleted on a Contact Card or an SEI address that has been removed by the address merging process.

  • Phone Number Updates
    The phone number update functionality is back. On a Contact Card in Redtail, you can update a phone number and have that phone number update at SEI. Conversely, if you update a phone number at SEI, that phone number update will flow to Redtail via the nightly interface file.


SEI resources:


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