Redtail Essentials: Today Page [24:24]


The Today page is your front-page news for what’s going on in the office today! Tabs flow across the top to show recent work that’s added to your CRM as well as specific reminders. Find out why it’s important to be able to comfortably navigate around the Today page and learn about the tabs that are customizable. 

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

01:23 - Change Site Preferences

02:12 - Today: Accounts

03:27 - Accounts by Status Report

06:31 - Today: Reminders

09:35 - Workflow Tasks

11:22 - Today: Things To Do Today

12:04 - Open Activities (Past Due)

14:49 - Today: Team Notices

16:53 - Site Navigation

17:55 - Today: Emails

18:33 - Today: Contacts

20:19 - Today: Market News

21:51 - Today-Recently Added Notes

22:47 - Today: Opportunities



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