Redtail Essentials: Contact Record [34:32]


Let’s take a tour of the Contact Record. We all know a contact record page is the front-page news of what’s going on for a client. But, did you know records house permissions, assets and liabilities, memberships, emails, and more? We’ll go step-by-step to show all the pages within a record so you can pick and choose what’s important to implement for your office! 

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

03:16 - Preferences

04:34 - Recently Viewed

05:41 - Add a Photo to Contact Record

06:15 - Basic Information

09:48 - Contact Card

10:55 - Important Information

12:09 - Common Tasks

15:46 - Family Name

17:18 - Memberships

22:49 - Contact Details

27:17 - Primary Contact

28:33 - Open Workflow Tasks

28:54 - Contact Management


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