Call Logic

Integration Name:

Call Logic

Integration Type:

Auto Dialer

Setting up the integration:

Within your Call Logic account, hover your cursor over "Contacts" and then select "Redtail Settings" in the resulting menu:


Then, enter your Redtail credentials and click Save:



Integration functionality:

After setting up the integration, you can then begin importing groups of contacts from Redtail into Call Logic. Again, hover over Contacts within Call Logic, but now select "Import":


You'll see on the resulting page that importing a Redtail Tag Group is one of your options:


After clicking this option, you'll be able to pick your desired Tag Group from Redtail, provide the Tag Group a description that will display within Call Logic, and choose a number of other preferences about the import.

After your import is complete, you can then work with those contacts within your Call Logic account.

Call Logic resources:


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