FinLife Partners

Integration Name:

FinLife Partners

Integration Type:

Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration: 

In order to set this up, you will need to enable the FinLife Partners integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, you will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for FinLife Partners: 


You'll then see the below: 


You'll need to copy this Token (it will be different for your database) into the appropriate area within your FinLife Partners account - FinLife Partners should be able to direct you to that screen should you have difficulty finding it.

You're then ready to begin using the integration.

Integration functionality:

Once you've completed setup, you can access your FinLife Partners options from your Integrations menu. If you are not within a contact record in Redtail when accessing this, you'll see a Single Sign-On option:


If you are within a contact record in Redtail when accessing, you'll see additional options:


The Send To option allows you to send that contact record to your FinLife Partners account. The Check Progress option allows you to see what progress you've made for that contact within FinLife Partners for four of their tools.

FinLife Partners resources:



If you are looking for other Advisor Tools, click here!

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