Can I Import Opportunities from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?


Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing your Opportunities from an Excel Spreadsheet! You will find our Formatted Spreadsheet and printable Key are available for download at the bottom of this page.


The following information outlines different fields for Opportunities in Redtail (please note: each line will create a seperate Opportunity in Redtail):


  • When filling out the spreadsheet, please be sure that you do not  change any of the pre-titled column headers as this will cause issues/delays in the import process.


Linked Contact (Tax ID/SSN OR Redtail Client ID) - This information will be listed in Column A of the spreadsheet and is used to link your Opportunities back to a contact record in Redtail.  If you are using the Redtail Client ID, you can run a Custom Export from Redtail to obtain this information; instructions for this can be found HERE.  If you do not need to link the Opportunities to a Contact, you can leave this field blank.

Assigned To (Redtail Username) - This field indicates which Redtail User is assigned to this Opportunity. Opportunities can be imported without linking if needed, so this information is not required to import this data.

** Opportunity Name - This is an open text field in which you can name your Opportunity.  An Opportunity cannot be created without a name; this column is required. 

Next Steps - This is also an open text field to indicate the next step in your process.

Close Date - This is a date field to indicate when the Opportunity was closed or the expected close date of the Opportunity.

Stage - This is a customizable drop down list to indicate what stage the Opportunity is in.  For example: Closed Won or Closed Lost

Type - This is a static drop down list to define whether the Opportunity is New Business or Existing Business. Choose from the following two options: New Business or Existing Business

Source - This field will have the same values as the Contact Source field in Redtail. This is a drop down list that can be customized to fit your needs.

Amount - This is a numerical field for the dollar amount of the Opportunity.

Probability - This is an open numeral field to indicate the percentage of probability.

Projected Revenue/Actual Revenue - These are open numeral fields to indicate the dollar amount of revenue expected/earned from the Opportunity.

Description - This is an open text field is where all other information can be listed.  


>>> If your Opportunities contain sensitive information, please email us at for a secure link to upload your file to, and be sure to include your Redtail username as verification. 


Please DO NOT email documents that contain PII to the above email address - for security reasons they will not be forwarded.



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