Red Capture

Integration Name:

Red Capture

Integration Type:

Client Capture Form for Redtail CRM

Setting up the integration:

Red Capture will automatically connect to your Redtail CRM account when you sign into Red Capture with your Redtail credentials.

Integration functionality:

The integration between Redtail CRM and Red Capture allows you to easily capture client information using an automated Client Information Form emailed to clients from Red Capture, based upon status changes within Redtail CRM. Or, for new clients you can send them the form, and when they complete it they will be added instantaneously to your CRM. You can use the default Red Capture form, or customize it to include only the information you would like, including User Defined Fields within your Redtail CRM. You can also customize your Red Capture account to send the Client Information Form to existing clients on a periodic basis to see if they have any updates.


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