Can I Import Notes from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?

Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing your Contact's Notes from an Excel Spreadsheet! You will find our Formatted Spreadsheet available for download at the bottom of this page.


The following information outlines the different fields for Notes in Redtail, those marked with an "*" are required to import Notes, please do not delete any columns from this spreadsheet:


Tax ID/Redtail Client ID* – Either the Tax ID or the Redtail Client ID is required. This field will be used to link the notes to the contact record in Redtail. If you are using the Redtail Client ID, you can run a Custom Export from Redtail to obtain this information; instructions for this can be found here

Redtail Username*
– This column is used to link that Note back to a user in your Redtail Database. Please be sure to use each person’s actual Redtail Username in order for this to be successful. If anything other that a matching username is listed here, all Notes will be linked back to the Database Owner only.

Date of Note* – Date the note was created.  We are only able to import current or historical notes.  This field cannot reflect a date for the future.

Note Category
– This field is optional, but is used to segment your notes in Redtail, and can be used to filter your Notes when running searches or reports.  If left blank, the note will import with default note category of "General Information"

Body of Note*
– Content/text of note. This field has a character limit of approximately 16,700,000, so you can add LOTS information here.


>>> Please do not to change any of the pre-titled column headers, to ensure your import process will run smoothly. 


>>> If your Notes contain sensitive information, please email us at for a secure link to upload your file to, and be sure to include your Redtail username as verification.  Please DO NOT email documents that contain PII to the above email address - for security reasons they will not be forwarded.




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