Can I Import Activities from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?

Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing Activities from an Excel Spreadsheet!   You will find our formatted spreadsheet available for download below, along with a printable key.


The following information outlines different fields for Activities in Redtail, those marked with an “*” are required fields for even very basic Activities:

Tax ID/ Redtail Client ID* - This information will be listed in Column A of the spreadsheet and is used to link your Activities to the correct Contact Record in Redtail. If you are using the Redtail Client ID you can run a Custom Export from Redtail to obtain this information; instructions for this can be found here. This field is required only if you would like your Activities to be linked to a contact. If not, we can import to the user's calendar.

Redtail Username* - This column is used to link that Activity back to a user in your Redtail Database. Please be sure to use each person’s actual Redtail Username in order for this to be successful. If nothing is listed here, all Activities will be linked back to the Database Owner only.

Date of Activity* - This is the date you want your Activity to show up on your Calendar in Redtail.

Time of Activity - This column is used for Activities that need to be scheduled for a specific time on your Calendar. If nothing is listed here, your Activity will come over as an “All Day” Task.

Open/Completed* - This column is used to let us know if you want your Activity to come over as Open or Completed. If nothing is listed, we import these as Open.

Completed Date/Time - These columns are used if your Activity is marked as “Completed” and will denote the date/time the Activity was completed. Entering data here will remove the Activity from your Calendar and To-Do list, and move it to the Completed Activities Section.

Subject* - This column is used to give your Activity a Title. 

Type - Type of Activity. You can use our Default Options, or you can create your own and we will add these to your Database List. Examples of Activity Types: Phone Call, Meeting, Appointment

Category: - This column is used to denote what Category you would like to have your Activity segmented into. You can use our Default Options, or you can create your own and we will add these to your Database List. If nothing is added to this column we will default to “General Information.” Examples of Activity Categories: Client Review Meeting, Activation Follow Up, etc.

Location - Location of Activity. This is an Open Text Field – you can use this for addresses, or business names as needed. Ex: Office, Training Room, etc.

Importance - This is a static pick list used to mark your Activity as Low, Normal or High on your calendar. If field is not populated, Importance will default to: Normal.

Priority - This is a static field to assign priority to your Activities. Choose from the following options: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If field is not populated, Priority will not be filled in.

% Complete - Progress of the Activity being completed. This is a static field. Choose from the following options: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100. If field is not populated, this field will default to: 0%.

Description/Notes - This field is where all your Activity Notes will be listed. You can add up to 70K characters in this field. This is a completely editable field, and does not meet the same Requirements as actual Notes in Redtail.


>>> Please do not to change any of the pre-titled column headers, to ensure your import process will run smoothly. 


>>> If your Activities contain sensitive information, please email us at for a secure link to upload your file to - be sure to include verification of your Redtail Username and Timezones of each username listed on your spreadsheet. 

Please DO NOT email documents that contain PII to the above email address - for security reasons they will not be forwarded.



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